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Lost Property

Carablanca's lost property is placed in a container which is on display just outside the main hall during our Friday dance evenings.  The container is stored under the stage of the main hall during the week, so normally you cannot access it then.  If you do need to recover your lost property outside Carablanca's hours please contact us to make arrangements.

If you lose something and we don't find it, or it is outside the main hall and could have been lost by someone attending an event other than Carablanca, then it may go into Conway Hall's lost property.  As Conway Hall lets rooms every day of the week they accumulate much more lost property than we do.  You can phone Conway Hall on 020 7242 8032 or 020 7405 1818.

Carablanca's lost property is listed here, most recent first.  We hope this helps you find your lost property.  Because of space considerations, when something has been held for 8 weeks it may be disposed of.

17 May 19

Thin grey cardigan.  ikat label.

Brown pullover.  Size M.  Calvin Klein label.

10 May 19


3 May 19

Red & black checked cotton jacket.  Pockets at top and side.  No label.

Black silk & cashmere pashmina.  No label.

Glasses with large lenses and thick tortoiseshell frame.  Two labels: Wollstonecraft on left and Cubitts on right

Folding umbrella with union jack pattern.  Black handle.  No label.

Small square cloth purse with zip fastening.  Cartoon animal picture on front.  No contents.  No label.

Single black sock.

3 May 19 or earlier

Black fan with flower pattern.  Name BEN written on it with marker pen.

12 Apr 19

Plastic bag containing empty jam jars.

5 Apr 19

Black woollen pullover.  Size XL.  Calvin Klein label.

Pair of green shoe inserts with black handles.

Light coloured knitted beret.  Peacocks label.

Dark cloth beanie hat.  Bee logo or decoration.  Beechfield label.

Dark cloth beanie hat with grey border.  L&CO label.

29 Mar 19

Cloth purse.  Grey/white pattern.  Button closure.  QATAR airways label.

Wide pink scarf.

Small red/brown towel.  Prague(?) Salsa Marathon legend.

Black cloth bag.  IOA UCL logo.

15 Mar 19

Black cotton jacket.  Size L.  asos label.

Woollen pullover.  Brown with coloured flecks.  Donegal Knitwear label.

Blue glasses case.  Specsavers label.

8 Mar 19

Large umbrella.  Blue and white cloth.  Wood handle.  dlapiper.com label.

Folding umbrella.  Black and grey cloth.  Black U handle.

Ladies' black and silver dance shoes.  Size 38.  Algal mi legend inside.  Vero Cuoio label.  In brown Balanceo bag.

22 Feb 19

Long roll of red cloth 2 inches wide.  Velcro fastening.  Label TITLE sewn on.

15 Feb 19

Pair of ladies' fawn coloured dance shoes.  Size 39.  Comme il Faut label.

Black glasses case with red lining.  Specsavers label.

8 Feb 19


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