There are no Beginners courses in June, July and August.
The next Beginners course starts on 6 September.

Beginners Tango Course

The Beginners tango course assumes no knowledge of tango.   Though it is a progressive course you may join at any time.   You don't need to book in advance, just pay for each class when you take it.   It's best not to miss a class but we recognise that sometimes other commitments make it necessary to do so.   Also, we strongly encourage you to finish the whole Beginners tango course before moving onto the Recent Beginners course.   You don't need a partner.


Alberto Ortiz & Asta Morozoviene and Ewa Zbrzeska & Michele Scarlino teach the Beginners and Recent Beginners courses.

Course structure

Beginners tango courses start on the first Friday of the month and run till the end of the month.   Usually, a course is four weeks long.   However, because of occasional closures a course can be three weeks long.   On the other hand, if there are five Fridays in the month then a course will be five weeks long.


Free entry to the milonga (dance) if you are taking the Beginners tango course. You learn to dance tango by a mixture of activities.   As well as taking classes you learn by listening to the music, watching people dance and dancing yourself.   We want you to be comfortable in a milonga right from the start.

Course content

We will introduce the basic principles of tango: walk, posture, embrace, connection, musicality and etiquette.   We will focus on the concepts of leading and following, maintaining the line of dance, and improvising using a combination of basic steps and weight changes.   You will also learn to distinguish tango, vals and milonga music.


You should wear comfortable clothes for the course.   Clothes should not restrict your ability to step.   Wear shoes rather than boots, sandals or trainers.   It is difficult to pivot on shoes with rubber soles so wear shoes with leather soles if possible.  Women will be more comfortable wearing (low) heels rather than flat soles as the woman's weight tends to be on the ball of the foot.

After the course

When you have completed the Beginners tango course you can move on to the Recent Beginners course.   Some people opt to take the Beginners course again before moving on, especially if they have missed a class.

Where, when, price

Beginners tango classes are held at Conway Hall in the Bertrand Russell room.   When the larger Brockway room is available we move the classes there.   See how to find us.   Each class is from 7:30 to 8:30pm and costs £12 per person.

Please note that we do not run these courses in the holiday months of June, July, August and December.

Questions, more information?

Please don't hesitate to email or phone Danny Evans, one of the organisers of Carablanca if you have questions.  See contact us.

You may also find it useful to go to our home page and browse this site to get a feel of what we do.

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