The bar, an integral part of the milonga, is excellent value.  There a wide choice of drinks and cocktails are a speciality.  Empanadas, cooked hourly, are also available from the bar.

For drinks, including soft drinks, see the Bar Menu (pdf).

For cocktails, see the Cocktail Menu (pdf).


A selection of 10 cocktails is available every week.  Tango and cocktails both originally became fashionable in Europe in the early twentieth century and they are particularly suited to each other.  The subtlety and intensity of a well-prepared cocktail makes it the ideal accompaniment to the mood of tango.  Our 1920s period venue, Conway Hall, provides exactly the right setting for recreating some of the elegance of an earlier cocktail age.


Empanadas, sourced from Chango Empanadas, go into the oven on the hour.  Order one saying when you want it and whether you want a beef empanada, a chicken empanada or a vegetarian empanada filled with mozzarella, tomato and basil.   Give your table number if you have one.  Your empanada will be delivered to your table about fifteen minutes after the hour you choose.  If you don't have a table it will be delivered to the bar for you to collect.

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